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Trip stats!! 31 Days, 22 states, over 11000 miles!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

As far as Epic Journeys go, this one could not have been more awesome! Not just because of the extraordinary sights, and the wonderful people met along the way, but also for the sheer distances we covered!

Here are some of our stats: Total miles traveled on the ground: 11200

1046 by car in Alaska

410 on motorcycles in Alaska

9584 on motorcycles in lower 48

40 miles on ATVs in Alaska

120 Miles on a bus in Denali National Park

In comparison: the distance from Virginia to California is 2600 miles!

Alaska is the largest state, and although we drove 1000 miles, we barely saw any of it! East to west, it is 2,400 miles; north to south, 1,420 miles. Texas is 773 miles East to West and 802 miles north to South. I drove about 850 miles inside Texas!

For my Caribean people’s: The Dominican Republic is just 242 miles from East to West and Puerto Rico is only 111 miles East to West! Did you know? There are only about 62 miles separating the earth from space!

Total Flights 4 and cost per person Seattle to Fairbanks $151 round trip

Flight over Denali - 70 minutes! $400

Anchorage to Fairbanks $155

Gas burned: Premium Gasoline for 1 motorcycle at 41.1 miles per Gallon = 243.2 gal at an average $3.69/gal = $897.40 NOT BAD!!!

Motorcycle Rental Alaska = $220 per bike/day

Car Rental Alaska = $65/day

Lodging Alaska = $2100 VRBO and Hotel

Lodging across lower 48 inUS = A lot! Costs varied from $23 a night at KOAs, to $140-$200 a night for some Hotels. Average cost $85 a night For the trip.

Total cost of this trip? Priceless! Would I do it again? Heck yeah!

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