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Riding with LAMAS! Day 27! Record breaking 8000 miles!

I must say that as much as I love my active duty Navy family and life, I knew I would have to eventually leave the nest and find a new tribe. The friends I take with me forever, but the uniform must go. In a symbolic gesture, meaningful only to me, I threw out my Navy service Whites after Admirals Barnett and Collins’ change of command. That would be the last time I wore that uniform while on active duty. I have been a member of the Latin American American Motorcycle Association (LAMA) DC Chapter since 2013. This Week is our National LAMA USA ride. Today was a day of donning the LAMA uniform, black T-shirt, blue jeans, black boots, and LAMA vest (aka colors!) Hundreds of members of LAMA rode together today. It was an amazing experience! I leave a great group of Navy people, but I am trading them for another equally great group, except that this group is mainly focused on having fun on motorcycles! How can I even complain?

These past two days in Texas I have reconnected with old friends and enjoyed making new ones! That’s what I call a great life!! Oh and we went to Paris and visited the Texan Eiffel Tower! The best part was being able to walk the veteran memorial by the tower! Oh, and did I mention I passed 8000 miles since I left the house on the 4th of June?! I did! Now if That isn’t an Iron butt with buns of steel, I don’t know what is!

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