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Life’s journey never ends, it simply starts over! 5 June - Day 31! It is done!

The only time our journey reaches its conclusion is when we pass from this life. Perhaps that is the beginning of a new one, but we can’t know that until we get there! Until then, we are always traveling through this wonderful world, if not literally and in body, then either in our minds, our dreams, or through the writings of others! In my Short life, I have been blessed to have travelled to over 69 countries around world, and now after 31 days on a motorcycle, crossing from the East to the West, flying to and from Alaska, then North to South from Washington State to San Diego, and across again to Virginia through the South, I can now say I have seen 49 of the 50 United States of America and every one of its territories, from Guam to Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands! Alas, North Dakota eludes me! But that gives me a reason to ride again!! And so I finish this Epic Retirement Motorcycle Ride full of awe and joy!

The U.S. of America is an extraordinary country! I have seen so much, learned so much, and met the most wonderful people on this side of our planet.

Our cities are not burning. Everyone doesn’t hate everyone else. This is truly a land of opportunity, a land of joy, beauty, and plenty. Yes, there is poverty. Yes, there is pain and there is suffering. And yet, there is hope, there is good, and there is kindness in immeasurable quantities! I feel blessed to have been able to travel this way, to see and experience all that I did in the span of a month, and over 10000 miles through the Continental United States and Alaska combined! For those who believe, Muslin, Jewish, or Christian, this is truly God’s country. For the humanists, atheists, and agnostics in our midst, this is the people’s country, and goodness and love reign supreme, despite all that we are told in the news. We have our differences, but we are more United than we are divided. This is not the Republicans’ country, nor the Democrats’ country. It does not belong to one man, or any particular party, or any sect or religious doctrine. We are all human, and this is our world. We make it what we want it to be. I felt love everywhere I went. I was treated with dignity and with respect, and I felt welcome everywhere I visited. Where there exceptions? There always are, but in my case negligible, and which I attribute to simple ignorance. I love this world, with all its beauty, all its wonder and all of its faults! I am truly blessed to be alive in these extraordinary times! My journey was amazing in every way, and it is not yet finished!! Stay tuned for more posts from my trip as I go through hundreds of hours of unposted videos and thousands of photographs, as well as new adventures to come!

Virginia is for Lovers! I’m home!

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