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LETS RAUHL! South America or Bust!

There is more to life than work! We all know this. What adventures do you have on your bucket list? One of mine is to ride a motorcycle across the world. Last year, I crossed the US on a BMW Grand America, and flew to Alaska to ride 1000 miles (since Canada was closed due to COVID) That was 31 days, and over 10000 miles of Epic!

The time is near to embark on my next soul searching quest. South America or bust, starting January 2023! This time on a Harley Davidson Pan America. The bike is loaded, pre-ride checks and maintenance completed, test ride sat. All systems go!

Launch date is set for January, weather permitting! Stay tuned and follow along on my website

The theme is “Let’s RAUHL” (pronounced ROLL) Ride America for Unity, Harmony, and Life! “We die once, we live everyday!” I aim to live and experience life to the fullest.

The purpose: To meet and learn from all the people of this extraordinary American continent. America stretches from Alaska to Chile, and its people are rich in #diversity, #language, and #culture! We are one human race living on the same world and all in search of #unity and #harmony. All #life is precious. What better way to experience it than to see it firsthand, from the seat of a motorcycle!

The plan is a five month road trip from US to Chile and back.

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