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Loving the Pan America!

In April of this year I bought my first adventure bike. The 2022 HD Pan America 1250S debuted last year and was the one motorcycle I wanted before it had even hit the show rooms! Not wanting to deal with first year problems though, I waited for the 2022 model! What an amazing machine! As I write this, my bike has over 9 thousand miles. I have completed three long trips, one to the Ozark Mountains, one to Monongahela national Park in West Virginia, and one all the way to Gulfport Mississippi! Along the way I visited Tuskegee, Selma Alabama, the Smoky Mountains, and Seneca Rocks. I rode the Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, and hundreds of miles off road. I dropped the bike four times already, and have spent over $4k on maintenance and accessories, including a new set of tires! I'm surprised the original stock tires lasted this long!

Two weeks ago I joined my LAMA brother Joker at the first annual Blackwater adventure Rally in West Virginia! One word "Awesome!" My new bike performed extremely well, despite my lack of skills riding it through some of the hard and challenging terrain we went on. The offroad mode on the bike made traversing the dirt and gravel roads seem easy. I had a harder time in the mud, but that was probably because my tires were so worn already, after driving on them for over 8k miles! Not alot of grip left on them at this point! Nevertheless, I could not be happier with the bike!

I have read alot of negative things about the Pan America, but have experienced none of the problems others had. The ability to go off road has opened a whole new world of riding for me, and will serve me well next year when I travel to and through Central and South America!

Being able to ride through dirt, mud, rocks, gravel and sand is incredible!

I am calling this bike "The Gunship" on account of how much the paint job reminds me of Naval ships! In January, we start on our Epic bucket list journey from VA to Chile and Argentina! She's ready, I'm ready, and now it is just a matter of waiting for the year to start! I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. While I wait, I'll be working on my maintenance and driving skills! Stay tuned for more!

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Ed Rodriguez
Ed Rodriguez
Oct 01, 2022

I love riding with you brother. I believe this machine and you will do fine on your trip. Can’t wait to see the story when you go.

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