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South America 2023 preps in the works!!

I know it’s early, but There is never a better time to start preparing for a long distance, adventure packed, exciting South America trip, than right now! I got a new top box a few days ago, went ahead and installed it right away! Now I am trying to figure out how much gear it will hold inside and out!

I tried several configurations so far, even putting fuel bottles up front. That is probably not good in a crash! Imagine the boom and the fire!!!

Moving on from that! The fuel bottles on the outside of the top box look great!

I’m trying every possible configuration until I find the best way to rig everything!

When you are planning to spend four months on the road, not knowing where the night might catch you, or how far the next gas station or repair shop may be, it is important to be prepared!

There is still a lot of gear to get, and to figure out how to load so the bike is balanced and and optimized for this great adventure!!

Can’t wait!!!

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