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When it is time to go home I Ride like the Devil is chasing me! Day 30! Homeward bound!

Well, my Epic Motorcycle retirement journey is coming to an end sooner than I originally expected! I had planned on taking three full days to make it home from Dallas, but my daughters birthday is on the 6th, so I have to get there tomorrow! Im never going to miss another birthday as long as I can help it! So, That will put the trip at 31 days. That’s a long trip anyway!! Rode hard today and made it from Dallas to Tennessee. 870+ miles in just under 14 hrs! About 450 to go tomorrow.

Easy Day!

although I had no time for sight seeing, I did get a few shots of an amazing Texas Gas Station, then rode clear through Arkansas, and enjoyed the mountain ride through the Appalachians in Tennessee! Riding a motorcycle is the best way to enjoy a road trip!

They do Gas stations BIG in Texas!!

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