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When it is time to go home I Ride like the Devil is chasing me! Day 30! Homeward bound!

Well, my Epic Motorcycle retirement journey is coming to an end sooner than I originally expected! I had planned on taking three full days to make it home from Dallas, but my daughters birthday is on the 6th, so I have to get there tomorrow! Im never going to miss another birthday as long as I can help it! So, That will put the trip at 31 days. That’s a long trip anyway!! Rode hard today and made it from Dallas to Tennessee. 870+ miles in just under 14 hrs! About 450 to go tomorrow.

Easy Day!

although I had no time for sight seeing, I did get a few shots of an amazing Texas Gas Station, then rode clear through Arkansas, and enjoyed the mountain ride through the Appalachians in Tennessee! Riding a motorcycle is the best way to enjoy a road trip!

They do Gas stations BIG in Texas!!

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Gilberto Abeyta
Gilberto Abeyta
Jul 05, 2021

You made it Hap’n Cap’n! -Riding with you through the climate changes between the beautiful mountains of Montana and desert of Moab Utah was not only an adventure but a shared secret of a happy ride - the art of extracting comfort and sweetness from every circumstance... that is why we embraced the suck! Hermanos hasta la muerte!

Roy Love
Roy Love
Jul 08, 2021
Replying to

Brothers for Life Gil! Could not have asked for a better travelling partner! Thanks for riding alongside shipmate!! Looking forward to the next ride! US to Chile next year!!! Get ready!

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