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Our amazing world.

Life is amazing. On my journey across the Americas on my #hdpanamerica , I found #peace on the road, in the streets, on the top of mountains, in the #sunrise, the #night sky, the sunset, the breaking of waves on the shore, and the everyday things we often take for granted.

When you stop to look around you, #reflect on what you have already done, and what you have been #blessed with, you may realize you already have everything you need. We often chase wealth and material things, because we have been taught that more is better and success is measured by position or money.

The path to #peace, #serenity, #joy and #fulfillment is found in the quality of our lives, not the job we hold, nor the quantity and value of the things we accumulate.

#Happiness is free. It can be found in the stillness of any moment at any time. Travel, stop for a moment, look around you, look up, stay for a minute, and enjoy the wonderful world we live in.

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