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“What seem to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.” Rear Admiral BD Barnett! Day 14

Rear Admiral Barnett’s words today were extraordinary and impactful. He gave me much to think about and be thankful for. COVID Has been hard for all of us. It has been a tough year, but we are coming out of this much stronger than when we went into it! Human beings are strong, resilient, and extraordinary. I am thankful for the people Who have been here to help us get through this! among them, my brother Gil, who has been with me on this journey since day 1!

Gil and I rode 4984 miles total in 13 days. We are now in Silverdale, Washington. All along our ride we met amazing people, saw beautiful places, and had an incredible time. Part 1 of our journey is complete. Tomorrow we will be in Alaska! Ray and Yvana have joined us, and we are ready for part 2!

Today was very special for me, and the reason I chose to make it out to the Seattle area before crossing over to Alaska. My good friends BD Barnett and Brad Collins, both now Rear Admirals turned over charge of the Navy’s Installations Command Northwest Region. I am glad that I could make it here and watch these two extraordinary Naval Officers whom I trust and respect, transfer command from one to another! Bonus, I got to see many old friends and spend some time with them!!

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Gabriella Love
Gabriella Love
Jun 19, 2021

That’s amazing that you got to see your friends!

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