We are in Cali! The theme for Day 22 is “Love is going out of your way for a good friend.”

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Today we got up a little later than normal, because riding in this heat wave during the day really drained us! And while yesterday was hot, today was worse. The High for us was 114 degrees! By the time we stopped, the temp was 97.7, and it actually felt somewhat cool. That is until we got in the hotel room and felt the A/C which was set at 73!

Anyhow, we rode through California highway 97, drove by MT Hood, and then MT Shasta! Nice mountains, but nothing spectacular compared to Denali! Still, there was some beautiful scenery all the way down to I-5. Then it got really hot!! Aside from riding through beautiful roads, we had the great fortune of meeting up with an old friend.