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Veteran Travelers. Day 13!

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Life is a gift. Everyday it gives us something new to appreciate. The most wonderful gift it gives us is the opportunity to meet beautiful humans. We were blessed to meet a wonderful couple in Washington state as we were getting ready to leave the Spokane Journey KOA. Juan, a retired Air Force pilot, and Marsha, a retired Doctor, who also served in the Air Force, two of the most wonderful souls on this planet. Veterans and motorcyclists seem to be drawn to each other. Juan was wearing a Harley Davidson shirt, a fellow motorcyclist, and had seen our bikes parked in front of our cabin. Walking past, we exchanged greetings, and he asked where we were headed. The beginnings of a conversation. As soon as we established our veteran status, affirming we belonged to the same warrior tribe, although in different branches, everything just clicked. Juan introduced me to Marsha, and I introduced them to Gil. We introduced each other: his wife Marsha and my friend Gil. Originally, we were ready to leave the KOA that very morning but we spoke for hours! Sometimes our immediate plans are just not all that important; especially when compared to the opportunity of forming true connections in this fleeting life. ‘Live in the moment’ as we say. Juan and Marsha are living extraordinarily. They’ve served their country, raised a family, are traveling across the country, all while enriching their life and the lives of others. One of those lives being mine, simply by meeting them and exchanging stories, if but for a fleeting moment. It is these moments that make life worth living; a journey worth taking. Connection, with would be strangers, the most fulfilling part of being alive on this beautiful planet.

Dear Marsha and Juan, and the general!

Wherever the road finds you today, it was our honor and privilege meeting, conversing, and learning from you. May you travel safely, meet many more extraordinary people like yourselves along the way, and continue to bless others with your contagious joy and love for life. Moments like this make all the difference in the quality of the journey.

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