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The Plan: An Epic Retirement Trip

Updated: May 30, 2021

Gilbert Abeyta and I are riding two BMW K1600 Motorcycles from Virginia to Seattle, Washington, then flying over Canada, Alaska, and back! Along the way, we will visit with old friends, make new ones as we go, and experience America in all its glory! We will reminisce about our time in the Navy, what it means to serve, our fantastic experience, and what we learned along the way, 33 days, East Coast to West Coast, on bikes, cars, boats, and planes! The adventure of a lifetime, to recount a lifetime of experiences! Along the way, we will meet up with Ray and Yvana in Seattle, Fly to Alaska, ride bikes, camp out, Discuss the meaning of life, and then go back to Seattle to ride South across all of California! From there I will ride to Dallas, where I will meet up with thousands of LAMAs, members of the Latin American Motorcycle Association, for our annual National Rally! An Epic bucket list journey like non I have ever taken!

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