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Pool day with no one in charge!

As vacations go, so far this has been my best one ever, and it has been going on for 40 days now! The best part is that there is no work to return to. The road trip across the USA was truly Epic! Alaska was incredible, and the Dominican Republic so far is just fabulous! The girls and I spent most of our day by the pool today, eating mangoes and just having fun! It was truly a relaxing day at my mom‘s beautiful home. No stress over what activities we would like to do at a resort, no worry about where the girls might be, or the people around us, or the food we would eat, or buying drinks, or anything else. Just relaxing and enjoying time together! Played Marco Polo for hours, chased each other around the pool, and dropped some cannon balls for fun with no lifeguard to tell you to stop!! Life is good. Tomorrow we will be in the country house!

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jim irish
jim irish
Jul 19, 2021

Looks like your living the dream brother!!!

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