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Out on a 1000+ mile ride, again!

The Road Captain rides again! Headed South for my first in person classes at the University of Southern Mississippi!

Got my 1999 Honda Shadow ready and loaded yesterday for a two day, 1000+ mile trip to Hattiesburg, Mississippi! Looking for the best route to take in some scenery, decided I would head out towards the Smoky Mountains and cut through them tomorrow morning! Should be some beautiful roads!

Today was a really good riding day. stopped about every 100 miles to refuel, but the going was slow through Northern VA.

I got in a sweet and easy 480 miles, and will do the final 572 tomorrow, starting through the cold mountain passes!

I’m spending the night right under the mountain base at the Pigeon Forge KOA!

Wish my travel buddy Gilbert was here! miss your Silver Wolf! I couldn’t find the Arnold Palmer!!

So the trip down here went pretty smoothly. No issues with this bike at all! I love BMW, and all the tech it brings, but I gotta say, doing this trip in a 23 year old bike, with no tech, was just awesome! I felt like the bikers of yesterday, just the bike, the throttle, and the wind. No rider modes, no radio to distract you, and no cruise control to make you lazy!

Tomorrow is another day! It is getting dark out and the bugs are starting to bite! Good night all!

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Gilberto Abeyta
Gilberto Abeyta
23 mars 2022

I like how you are doing, what you are doing, when you do it! Get out there brother and be on the one with nature! Take it all in -- this is what we do! Eagle Riders! Nice of you to share the love of the road with some of your other bikes instead of always riding the BMW. Triumph bike is on deck for next adventure ride!

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