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One last ride on my 1999 Honda Shadow Aero 1100.

As much as I love all my bikes, there eventually comes a time when I must part with one or two of them, to make room for the next one. I just sold my 1999 Honda Shadow Aero, which I bought in Naples, Italy. I am blessed to have been able to ride this classic and beautiful motorcycle across Italy, and for over 5 thousand miles in the US, across ten states. For an old gal, she was smooth and reliable, and could easily handle 105 mph for hours on end!

On this, our last trip together, we rode over 780 miles from Virginia to Jacksonville Florida. Today, she will be headed down to Miami with her new owner! I will never forget the great moments we shared!

The trip to Jacksonville was great. I was invited to speak at my good friends military retirement ceremony. After 33 years of faithful and honorable service to our country, it was his time to go and take care of himself. It was a great event, well attended, and exceptionally executed. Being back at Naval Base Mayport was a little nostalgic! Seeing the ships in port brought back some great memories!

I was very fortunate to meet up with old shipmates from my own career, some chiefs, now Master Chiefs, and some Junior Officers from my time aboard ships and at the Afloat Training Group. Best of all, I got to spend time with my good friend and godfather to my daugther.

I am now returning home, on the Amtrak train, which I am riding for the first time in my life! Another bucket list item checked off!

Fair well Honda Shadow! And farewell Florida! That is, until the Next adventure!

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