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One giant park, one single road! Exploring Denali! Day 17

WOW!! We are living inside a National Geographic movie!

We are having so much fun, I have to make time to write! The longest days of my life have literally been the last three! There is no night here this time of year! We have literally woken up with the sun in full brightness and gone to bed without it setting! This is surreal! Yesterday we saw Denali from the skies, and then had to see it on ATVs! Today we got on a bus at 7:30 this morning and went 66 miles into the Park over the one and only authorized road for sightseeing. We got back to our cabin 10 hours later! What an extraordinary place this is! I could describe it, but I would fail to convey even a small sense of everything we have seen and felt. Even the pictures fall short, but here they go!

Gil and Ray wanted to have a Caribou Bull fight!

Met some new friends! Trevor from California, San Diego State grad and former Aztec linebacker! And Ricardo, a Puerto Rican from Florida, who came to Alaska to run a marathon! Wonderful gentlemen, full of wisdom And wise cracks! Good times indeed!!

Here we are contemplating Nature’s beauty!

Awesome views!

That’s what we do! We ride!

We saw a Bear!!!!

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jim irish
jim irish
Jun 22, 2021

Sounds like you guys are living the dream!!

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