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Oh what beautiful things we can see when we take the time to look!

I took a short 30 mile ride on my bike this morning. Ok, not a motorcycle, but an actual bicycle. I needed the exercise and time to think. It was just under two hours, at a leisurely 16 mph pace. lt was a great ride and my thighs certainly feel it right now. Anyhow, I had to stop a couple of times and take some pictures of the scenery. Life is all about moments. Sometimes we are so busy being busy and rushing that we miss the most wonderful opportunities. And so, what looks like an ugly fence, could be hiding the most wonderful thing. I have lived here for five years, and never once stopped to look beyond what my eyes could focus on as I drive past this little bridge.

It is good to stop, see, and appreciate what is just beyond our perception. There is much to be learned when we take some time to appreciate and know something, or someone.

Life is the journey. The road is the way. Live well. Live free. Love self. Love All.

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