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“Most people spend their lives reading the menu instead of enjoying the banquet!” Day 11!

My daughter Gaby sent us today’s theme, which she got from a fortune cookie! She’s our biggest fan on this adventure and I want to thank her for this beautiful thought!

It is so true that we often take so much time reading the menu and wondering if and when we should do something, that we don’t actually ever get to enjoy the banquet life has to offer! This journey is certainly meant to enjoy the banquet!! We passed 4000 miles driven last night! Talk about saddle sore and iron butts! Gil says he prefers to call it “buns of steel!” We are truly making the best of this trip, as hard as it is to ride such long hours and distances on a motorcycle. One of the many things the Navy did for us is help develop resilience, grit, determination, and a can do spirit that never quits!

Today we are taking a break from the long drive and are going to take time to enjoy the day, see a few of the local sights here in Twin Falls in the morning, and then rest this afternoon!

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