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Meeting Motorcycle Stuntman and legend, Travis Pastrana!

Just a few days ago my wife’s cousin was telling me about this “amazing dude who did these incredible stunts on motorcycles!” And I was like, “who Travis Pastrana?” He’s like, yeah, do you watch his stuff. And I was like, “Yeah, I know Travis!” And he was like, “really?” So I had to break open the photo album, digitally speaking of course!

Five years ago, while I was CO of Naval Base San Diego, Travis Pastrana came to the base to promote his show. Since I’m a fan, and it was my base, I offered to show him around. Great guy! Very easy-going, as anyone who lives that dangerous life of stunt work should be!

So, we had front-row seats to his show, and I took my daughters to see him and his crew perform. Initially, we were on the ground floor, but it was hard to see everything, and someone told us we could get a much better feel for the action up high! They were right!

What an amazing show! I have been very fortunate in my life, and so have my kids, as they got to experience a lot of these amazing times with me! I posted a video on FB!

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