LETS RAUHL! January 2023

Family, Friends, Colleagues, fellow men and women, my brothers and sisters in life and love for Humanity,

As some of you know, I do fundraising every year on behalf of The #movemberfoundation and their efforts to support men’s health, through suicide awareness, suicide prevention, improving mental health, and fighting prostate and testicular cancer. This year, I am beginning an early campaign, with the initial goal of raising $5k, as well as to advertise for a much larger campaign aimed to raise $50k or more starting in January 2023. In January, I will be leaving Virginia, riding South to Florida, and then across to Texas to meet up with my biker brothers Rafael Banquetero Borja and Bryan Blackheart! Together, we are Team Lets RAUHL (Ride America for #Unity #Health and #Life) #letsrauhl! Sound it out like Roll, but with a french twist!

We will be crossing all of central and South America on an Epic Journey to learn from, meet and break bread with our brothers and sisters across the Americas in an effort to raise awareness and understanding of the power of Unity, the importance of maintaining our mental and physical Health, as well as the precious nature of our Life!

Follow us on our Journey! More details and photos to come here, on our instagram pages, and on FB. Your support means everything! Help us spread the word and save a life.

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To donate directly to #movember please visit our page: