I stand with the People of Ukraine. I stand for freedom and Democracy.

It is hard to sit by and just watch on tv and read on the internet what is happening across the ocean, without feeling as if I personally, and we collectively, could be doing more as individuals, and as the most powerful military nation on earth.

The Ukranian President and his family have chosen to stand and fight against their opressors and would be assassins, when many other world leaders would be “leading” from a reinforced bunker. That is the essence of true leadership. To stand with your people, up front, and take on the same risk we ask others to take for us.

We trust that our leaders, all of the powerful and influential men and women across the planet, are making the right decisions, and that whatever they do will actually help those who are in harms way today, while also keeping their people safe.

But are we more concerned with self preservation than stopping the agression of a man who doesn’t care about the lives he takes? Do we fear the risk more than the possible outcome? An outcome that could mean the end of freedom for so many.