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I love Working on my Bike. Never know what I’ll find!

As much as I love to ride motorcycles, I also love to work on them. Older Harleys are especially easy to work on for me. I was changing out the fluids in my 2009 FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide, which I call Big Red or El Capitan, depending on the day, and I noticed some debris in the oil pan plug. At first I though it was metal, which would be really bad! Fortunately it was plastic. Once I opened it up, I could see lots of small shavings in the walls of the primary chain cover. Oh oh!

As I looked closer, I noticed the chain tensioner seemed a bit out of place. When I pulled it out, it was severely damaged! I wonder how long it took to get like this!! Fortunately, I got to it before it could leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere!

This job at the dealer would probably cost more than $600 in labor, plus parts and fluids. It takes a little time to do on your own, but it is completely worth it!

Now that it is clean, I just have to wait for the part to come in and put it all back together! El Capitan will ride again!! Soon!

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