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Have you ever met famous people? Here are some of my favorites!

LT Dan! Gary Sinise came to NBSD to put on a show and BBQ for the troops!

Jack Ryan! John Krasinski!

They were filming an episode of Jack Ryan at NBSD!

TRIPLE H!! he gave me a great belt, but I had to leave it with the government!!

The crew of the Last Ship! Eric Dane, Bridget Regan, Adam Baldwin, Peter Sellers (ROBOCOP and STARTREK INTO DARKNESS Director)

Al Roker! The Today Show came to NBSD for a great Breakfast put on by Smuckers!

Mr. Zulu! George Takei! Star Trek has always been one of my favorite shows!

Marky Mark! Mark Wahlberg!

My all-time favorite day! Meeting the Tuskegee Airmen. I didn't take this photo! Or the next one. Found them online. This day I met Cuba Gooding Junior, Michael B. Jordan, our last President, before he was President, and a few others who were on the field to watch the Jets and Patriots play this day!

The San Diego Padres! Best of all Randy Jones!

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott!

Tim Smucker!

MR. Tim Smucker! Yes, he owns the Smucker company that makes those delicious Jelly's Jams and so much more. Great man! His team was absolutely awesome!

My favorite person ever! Lord rest his soul. Mr. Andy Mills, WWII Battle of Midway Survivor! I escorted Mr. Mills for 4 days during a visit he made to Washington DC when he was 98! Read about him here Andy Mills, Battle of Midway survivor, dies at 103 - The San Diego Union-Tribune (

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Gilberto Abeyta
Gilberto Abeyta
Jul 22, 2022

Quite a few celebrities! 👍🏼

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