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Happy Veteran’s day. Thank you for everyday you spent in the service of others.

I can’t remember everyday I served. After nearly 30 years on active duty and four years in a military academy, my memories are blurry. But I do remember the shipmates, my brothers and sisters in arms, with whom I spent the majority of my adult life working alongside. Serving is something not everyone enjoys or enjoyed. Many had bad experiences in the Military. Most however can look back and remember these key moments that shaped the positive experiences we had. I have more great moments than bad. I’m grateful for the friends I made, the moments of stress and the moments of joy we shared. From my first Navy brothers in Bootcamp, to my classmates at SUNY Maritime, to all of you I was blessed to serve with: my shipmates during my Division Officer tours on GALLERY and CAPE ST. GEORGE, my brothers and sisters during my time at as a Department Head at NBG2, on GROVES and DESRON 26, on GW and TRUMAN, the great folks I met at 7th FLEET on the BLUE RIDGE, my class mates at the War College, my Army, Air Force and Navy comrades in IRAQ, and my crews while XO of JOHN L HALL, CO of BOONE, CO of ATG Mayport and CO of NBSD, as well as my E-RING and basement mates at the Pentagon, and every veteran who I have been fortunate to cross paths with before and since I retired, I want to say thank you for making my journey in service to our country so much more bearable and memorable! Without you all, I would not be who I am today, or had the extraordinary memories I have. I remember the best times, the good times, the not so good times, and the really bad times. But mostly the good times. You are what matters. You are the reason we serve, and the reason we stay in service. You and our families. I’m blessed to have been able to serve with you, or to know of your service. Happy Veteran’s day. Remember why you served, who you served with, and be proud that you did. I salute you! Much Love!


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Jeff Marquez
Jeff Marquez
Nov 11, 2021

Right back at you Brother! Safe travels!

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