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Happy Birthday Emily! A great end to Day 14!

I am blessed to know many extraordinary people in this wonderful world! Among them is Captain Emily Bassett, US Navy. Emily invited me and my travel companions to her house yesterday. She was having a get together with family and friends, and asked us to come over. The world is full of amazing people we never get to meet or interact with. We were blessed to spend time with a lot of them last night. Emily, her husband, her mom, her brothers and sisters, and her friends and neighbors made us feel completely welcome and at home. We had a great time, and left Seattle with great memories and feeling as if we were leaving behind family and friends we’ve always known. The best part of hanging out at Emily’s was meeting her awesome mom, Dr. Henriette Anne Klauser, author and extraordinary woman! I love her book, “Write it down, make it happen!” I’m a Life long fan! Not only did she take time to talk with all of us, but she also took a lot of time to talk with my daughter Yvana!

Life is better with friends! Thank you Emily! Happy birthday!

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