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Good friendships don’t end. Day 29! My last day in Dallas!

Today I met up with my good friend Jim Irish! It was great to see him after more than two years since we worked together at Naval Base San Diego.

Jim is a retired US Army Special Forces veteran, a great American, and an amazing human being. Even after retiring, he continues to take care of our service members! Thanks for coming out to meet me today Jim, and for breakfast! Love you brother! Seeing You made my visit to Texas all that much better!

Today was also the last day of the LAMA National Rally. I’m glad I was able to be here and Spend some time with the members of LAMA nation! What a great way to finish my epic retirement ride! Here are just a few more of the many great shots of my time in Texas! Visiting the Fort Worth Stockyards, stores an restaurants! BTW, the view from the Westin in Irving was amazing!

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