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Going To SOUTH AMERICA in 2023!!!!

Y'all! A few months ago I bought this bike! This is the 2022 HD Pan America! I bought it for one singular purpose, to ride down from Virginia, through Mexico, Central America, all the way to Chile and Argentina!

This week, my biker brother Bryan Blackheart shared he was planning a trip South! Heck yeah, I signed up!! Today, Rafael Banqeutero Borja, long-distance rider extraordinaire, joined us! WE ARE GOING TO CHILE!! The last time I was in Chile (2011), I was dressed like this and showed up as a Navy Captain!

Here I am with Chilean Admiral Garcia Huidobro, Chilean Officers, and my fellow US Navy Captain Jeff Scudder, CO of the USS Thach!

We went there on the mighty WARSHIP BOONE!

That was an incredible deployment and the time I decided I would one day go back to Chile on a motorcycle! That time is coming soon!

The next time I go, I will wear a BIKER outfit and show up as a Road Captain! Stay tuned for the ROAD EAGLE adventures in SOUTH America. We are goign to have a blast!! ios mio, thank you, because retired life ROCKS!!! More to come!

Follow our adventure on this blog! We are in the planning stages but look to be on the road in early 2023!

Please support us by buying Road Eagle merch and letting folks know we rent bikes on RIDERS SHARE and TWISTED ROAD!


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