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Epic 3016 mile ride!

From Virginia, through Pigeon Forge Tenessee, through Georgia and Alabama, and on to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, spend a few days in Gulfport, then to Tampa and Orlando! From Orlando, through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and back to Virginia! Awesome ride, on a classic 1999 bike made to go far and in style! Hondas last forever!

I went to three awesome days of class at University of Southern Mississippi, drove across the gulf coast, then went visit my little brother in Tampa, lost a gopro Hero 10 on the highway, plus got a flat, got to see my daugther in Orlando, went to Disney’s Boardwalk, fixed my flat, spent the night in a trolley in South Carolina, rode an entire day in temps between 36 and 44 degrees, froze my a$$ off, got a horrible cold, but made it home safely! Worth it! Can’t wait for the next trip!

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