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Cold weather riding is better with friends!

Do you know what feels great for a motorcycle rider? When friends who ride come over and you, you have to get on that bike no matter how cold it is!

My sister-in-law and her boyfriend came to visit us for Thanksgiving, and as he is a biker, we just had to go on a “Day after Thanksgiving” ride!

Since he had never been to DC, it was a simple choice. We rode Historic Highway 1 from Dumfries, Virginias’ oldest town, to Mount Vernon, home of the United States of America’s First President and father of our country, George Washington! The ride was beautiful. With Fall in full swing and Winter moving in fast, it was a cold and somewhat windy day.

But what's a little wind and a little cold when you have so much to see and enjoy in DC! We ended up riding to Arlington Cemetery, over the Arlington memorial bridge, past the Lincoln Memorial, drove down Constitution ave past the Washington Monument (Obelisk), and all the museums! It was a great ride! We stopped at the Capitol building to get a quick photo, then got back on our bikes and headed home!

For anyone visiting DC, hit me up, and we will ride together. I promise you will remember it better than if you did it by car!

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