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Caribbean living. Absolutely wonderful, if you have money.

Considering where to live in retirement can be scary. We have been in the Dominican Republic for about two weeks now and it has been wonderful. But, we have been tourists for two weeks. With about three weeks left, we need to experience life as a resident. It will be different. For now, we have enjoyed my mom’s beautiful home, with a pool. Her country home with a river. The beach from a wonderful point of view at a very nice hotel. If you Ask me today, I would say I could live here forever, especially since I don’t have to work anymore. I‘ll be back in three weeks to tell you if we still feel the same way! I have seen the way people less fortunate than us live. How they try to earn their living and how hard they work. Still they smile everyday and always treat you with kindness, offering you the Little they have. Today I share the beautiful things I have seen and experienced so far, but I recognize that the world isn’t the same for all of us, and there is so much we all need to do to help others.

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