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Build solid bridges of Friendship

My wife and I were on our morning walk today. We started doing this every weekday a couple of weeks ago. It is refreshing and gives us uninterrupted time to talk and reflect on many things.

Our conversation today centered around people we haven’t heard from in a long time, who call every so often to ask for favors. And so, as humans do, we thought and talked, and came to conclusions.

Who do you call when you are happy? And who do you call when you are in need?

Have you built solid bridges of friendship, open in both directions?

The people you invite into your life’s happiest moments should be there in your times of need. If they are not, it may be time to reassess your friendships.

Break bread with those you know have come for your company, not the food on the table or the wine in your cup.

Don’t expect those you ignored, or forgot, to be there when you need someone, specially if you never showed them love.

And yet, those who come to comfort and support you, whether you showed love or not, they are the people who love unconditionally. They are worth investing your time in.

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