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Back where it all began in 1988! Day 24! Riding through San Diego, California!

It has been more than 33 years since I first stepped off a plane in San Diego California and began my Journey in the United States Navy! That’s where I met Gil, and it is where he will stay as I continue my journey beyond the Navy. I am happy that I got to SD and can say goodbye to the Navy where it all started for me so many years ago! So, this entry is late, as I have had little time since getting to SD and since leaving yesterday! Here goes! This day was extremely busy and tiring! After waiting for the fire traffic to clear, we pushed hard to make it to SD and finally arrived just before midnight! After a long day and an exhausting day of riding, going to bed at about 1:30 yesterday morning, we still woke up before 8 AM and went to meet Ray for breakfast! That’s the Navy in us! Our goodbye Breakfast with The Road Eagle Crew was great! I love these guys, and I will truly miss them as I go solo for the next few days!

Farewells from the crew!

Much like missing the team I rode with, as I leave the Navy behind people have asked me if I will miss it. Honestly, I will miss interacting and connecting with fellow Navy folks the most! I have made wonderful friends, and will stay in touch with so many of them, but I know there will also be many I may never hear from again. I was blessed to be able to have lunch with some of my old shipmates from NBSD! They were a key part of one of the most amazing crews I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Thanks Scott, Brittney, Dave and Dave for coming out to see me! Love you guys!

And a big thank you to an old friend! Wael hosted Gil and I for dinner at his house! He cooked the best fresh fish I have had in years! And he fished it himself! Thank you brother! Much love! Hope to see you again soon!

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