Back in the lower 48! That’s an Alaskan term for the continental United States! Day 21!

We made it to Seattle with no issues! After a night at a shady Motel Super 8, we decided to GLAMP at a KOA in Oregon! On the way here, we rode some beautiful roads through Oregon 26 and 97 highways. Got a great view of Mt. Hood, awesome forests, beautiful clean rivers, and some interesting towns! Already missing our partner Ray! Are now headed to San Diego, and part three of this great adventure! We havr ridden 5500 miles in the lower forty eight, and drove just over 1000 miles around Alaska, with about 400 of those on the bikes!

But today, today we crossed Beautiful Oregon!

Post script: our theme for day 21 was “everyday doesn’t need a theme!“ We‘re back on our bikes ready to ride long days again! We only did 455 miles to Klamath falls, to break up the ride to SD into equal chunks! On any trip, you have to understand your limits, and respect them.