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Back in San Diego hanging with the Silver Wolf, my brother, Gilbert!

Friendships forged in the fires of pain and suffering outlast all others. Gilbert and I went through some pretty rough seas together in bootcamp. We could never forget that time if our lives. Our time in Iraq further cemented our friendship. But it truly was our epic trip across America that solidified our friendship and strengthened the bonds of brotherhood that will bind us together for the rest of our lives. So, I could not pass up an opportunity to visit him and bring him a present while here in SD for a conference. Unlike me, Gilbert isn‘t part of a motorcycle club or Association. He is a lone wolf, who flies solo most of the time. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn‘t have a motorcycle vest! What he is and always will be though, is a Road Eagle. I wanted him to show his patch to the world, so I did what every good Road Eagle would do for his brother, I brought him his Road Eagle patch already attached to his vest!

I have to say, he looks pretty cool in his new colors!!

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