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A day of rest and fellowship, and for making new friends. Day 28!

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

It has been 28 days since I left home on the 4th of June! After more than 8k miles on the bike since I left, I am still in Texas at the LAMA international Rally. I have to say that these last few days of short rides have helped me recover as I prepare to return home in a few days. I have made many new friends, and hung out with many good old friends from other LAMA chapters. It was great to see them! The truth is that good Friendships are hard to come by. When we connect positively with someone, we need to ensure we don’t lose that. I am blessed to have many friends, many good friends, and also blessed with the good fortune of being able to make friends easily. Today I made many new friends, and I hope they will become good old friends someday! Cheers to new friends, fellow motorcycle enthusiasts and LAMA members!

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