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Work complete! Runs like new!

Wrenching complete! Bike is good to go!

The new chain tensioner model seems a lot sturdier than the original, and was easy to install. I ended up changing to heavy oil to minimize the clunky shifting noise most Harleys make. I cleaned up and polished the cover, which can be difficult to do while on the bike, and made sure to follow bolt torque directions in the manual! This is extremely important, as we don’t want any leaks!

After install, I took the bike for a 20 minute test ride, shifting through each gear multiple times and getting up to 80 mph.

Sounds great, smooth as ever, and definitely ready for a long ride!

It feels good when you can do your own work and save some money, while ensuring it is done right!

You can rent this beautiful, fully customized and upgraded 2009 Ultra Classic Electra Glide on Riders Share or Twisted Road! Find the links at the top of this page!

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