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Welcome to Texas! Day 26! The human body can only take so much. Sometimes, you just need to sleep

I made it to Texas last night, after riding 889 miles straight, from 8 AM to finally stopping at 11:38 PM Central time! Got up early this morning and drove the 500 plus miles from a little town called Van Horn, to the LAMA national Rally in Irving Texas! It was a hard ride this morning after pushing so hard yesterday, but the Navy has certainly conditioned me to go long and hard for days on end. Eventually your body pays for it though.

After a long day on the saddle, little sleep last night, and a very long afternoon of meeting and greeting my LAMA brothers and sisters, I’m ready for bed. It is almost midnight here, and tomorrow we meet up at 0830 for a group ride. I rode from San Diego to Dallas in just a day and a half, in the sweep heat of the day, and I am exhausted. No sight seeing today, jo words of wisdom, except to say “when you’re tired, rest!” My hotel last night was the only place available at midnight in the town of Van Horn. It was nicer inside, and for $89 bucks, who is complaining!!

The view from my hotel room today is a little nicer. Westin Convention center in Irving, TX. Again, blessed to be able to live well in these United States.

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