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We didn’t start the fire! Day 23! Big trees and the road to San Diego!

Today’s theme is Another serious fire on the horizon! We are crossing California today, and are now on our second hour of having stopped to wait out traffic to clear out. We are in Lebec, at the intersection of I-5 and CA 99, and still 3 hours from SD. This will be our first night time ride, as we are set on making it to SD! Today was a great day besides having to deal with the heat. We got a high of 108 and it is 102 right now. Once we make it past LA, the temp will drop significantly! That will make this ride much better! This morning we had the opportunity to drive through the Sequoia National park and see those amazing trees, some of the largest on planet earth, and some of the oldest living beings on this world! Amazing, inspiring, and breathtaking all at once! A must see for anyone who can.

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Gabriella Love
Gabriella Love

Haven’t we been there?

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