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The Road Eagle Signet Ring

I received this special order today! I have never bought a school or organizational ring before. Not in middle school, HS, Bootcamp, College, or Post Graduate School. They truly never interested me.

But I always did want something that was made specially for me, something one of a kind! I found this company online called Custom Made, and decided to send them my logo and see what they could do.

Boy did they deliver! I have to admit, having my own signet ring is actually pretty special. The fact that it is my own design, and a unique expression of who I am, makes this ring the most extraordinary piece of jewelry I have ever owned!

I know it is just a piece of metal, but the moment I opened the box, my heart skipped a beat! The only thing I could think was “perfect.” The pictures really don’t do it justice.

This is who I am. A father first, husband second, and a die hard biker, rider, and road Eagle for life!

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Gilberto Abeyta
Gilberto Abeyta
Feb 28, 2022

Meaning! I like how that ring is significant and meaningful to you! Double down on your best relationship, it is the investment with the highest return (Father, Husband and then Rider).

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