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Something Fishy is going on!

Road Eagle is on the Road Again!! So what do you do when you are retired and come back from an Epic Motorcycle Ride, and find yourself with no work to go to? You get back out on the road again! Ok, maybe not on the literal road this time, but in the skies, and on a plane instead of a motorcycle, but most definitely traveling! Family and I are at the Miami International airport this morning, it is 2:58 AM, we got here just after midnight and we are waiting for our flight to the Dominican Republic! Going back to the birth country for a little while to spend some time with mom, and to catch some Caribbean beach and sun!

It is so empty here we have this side of the terminal to ourselves!

The Miami airport has Some great fishy art going on in terminal D! Since it is so empty, I had time to really Check out the fish arrangements! Love the ocean motifs!

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