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Packing for the long trip! Let’s RAUHL!

As the year comes to a close, I am less than two weeks from taking off to South America! Packing and preparation for a trip like this one has to be done early and right. To load the bike evenly, and efficiently, I went through several iterations of packing the hard cases and extra bags. I think I gave it figured out just right, and will not have to make too many adjustments on the road! I am taking about 150 lbs of gear. This includes spare parts, and bike supplies to do some required maintenance on the road, in the event I can't find a shop or dealer to support. Best to be prepared than to have to wait for something to arrive by mail from the US!

I also performed the 10000 mile service on the bike, changing out the air filter (for a better off road one) and the spark plugs just at 9800 miles. This should help, as the next service required will be at 15000, and that will be something I can do myself anywhere.

Changing the spark plugs and the air filter require removal of the gas tank, not a small job! Glad I got to practice it now, and will be ready to do it again on the road! The bike is ready in all respects, with only one more thing pending, the exhaust crash bar, which I expect will arrive in a couple of days.

Packing all the gear on the bike took some time, but I am glad I was able to do it so early, as now all I have to do is jump on the bike and head South!

I'm excited and ready to roll!

This is a trip more than 25 years in the making!

Thank you for following along! Happy New Year!!

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