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Enjoy the precious moments.

Saturday morning. It has been 4 months since I stopped working at an office, getting up at 5 something in the morning and heading out the door by 6:30. I still wake up just before 6 AM everyday, even when my body tells me to stay in bed, and I know I need more rest. The smell and taste of coffee is calling to me. Usually I’m alone until after 8 AM when my kids wake up. Today my 5 year old woke up about six thirty and we sat down together to eat breakfast and watch cartoons. I asked her if she was going to live with mom and dad all her life. She said no! Well, I’m glad she is with me now and that we could share this morning together. She’s right. Someday she will be on her own. Reflecting on my life, I realize that for most of my career I didn’t get to see my kids until after school, and that was usually late in the evening and only for a few hours before they went to bed. Weekends were priceless then, but now that I’m older, they are even more precious. Life is the journey. The journey is better with company. Even if eventually you have to part ways.

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