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Back to the Dominican Republic, but this time strictly to ride bikes!!

So here we go again! Last week I was in San Diego for a conference and I got to ride Gil’s BMW for three days! This weekend I rode 300 miles in VA to raise funds for Movember Foundation men’s health outreach, and this week I’m in the Caribbean again, this time to ride with over 500 of my closest biker friends from across the world. We are here for the LAMA Dominican Republic National Rally, which starts on the 12th! Why do I love bikes so much?! Like Gilbert says, two wheels move the soul!!! I’m at the airport in DR already and Gil and Yvana are on their way! The crew is getting back together for one more adventure! It’s going to be awesome!!

So, this is me patiently waiting for Gil, Yvana, and her boyfriend Andres, and finding out Gil missed his connection in Miami, but Yvana and Andres didn’t! They were on the same plane!!!

Seriously! We are going to have a long chat about fitness and running when he gets here!!

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