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Awesome time in Mississippi!

Learning is a lifetime endeavor, and all about having and employing a growth mindset! One should never stop growing!

I just finished my first in person doctorate class at the University of Southern Mississippi! One word… AWESOME!

What a great time learning with extraordinary people and a great Professor, Dr. Casey Maugh Funderburk! Honored to meet the Excellent Ronald Collins Jr., fellow Ph.D. Student! Learned a lot from this brother!

Got to see an old shipmate, now and always my Advisor, Doctor H. Quincy Brown, who once upon a time was my Command Master Chief on the USS JOHN L. HALL! He taught me alot then, and I know will teach me so much more now!

Looking forward to a great semester, and the next three years in the

Of course, riding to MS from VA on my 1999 Honda Shadow Aero and camping out near the Tennessee Smoky mountains made the whole experience that much more incredible!! I love being a biker, a scholar, and also a veteran! Talk about bringing your passions together and making the most out of life!

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